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The Precautions of selecting curtains


The Precautions of selecting curtains
The window is an eye for a horse in home decoration, then, the curtain is the Eyelash by the window, the beautiful Eyelash will make the eye look more beautiful, the beautiful eye should match with the nice Eyelash. so, the White sheer curtains are very important in home decoration, the curtains always decide the feeling of the house, nice star curtains may make the house look more attractive, besides, the curtains can also Adjust the light and protect the privacy, then, how could we select nice curtains? Today, I will show you some precautions in selecting curtains.

cause the Curtains play a role in shading and protecting the privacy, so naturally the size of the curtains can not be less than the window, if it is a large floor to ceiling windows and a balcony, you can choose to floor curtains, if it is a small window, you can choose slightly larger than the window curtains can also use landing curtains, of course specifically how much, depends on the proportion of the curtains in the house, we go to achieve the visual balance.
Stripes and patterns of the curtains should be suitable with the size of the window in the room, the occupants of age experience, the interior decoration, and the style of the furniture styles. If the window is a lack, try not to choose horizontal pattern or small floral pattern, accepting the best vertical stripes. In a tiny window, you should choose a large patterned curtains to stop, or will even more narrow windows. Curtain markings should be upright. Otherwise will cause the windows tilt illusion.

different fabric have different functions of the curtains, In general, the expensive European Roman blinds are often the mantle head, curtains, gauze composition, materials used for this type of curtain will be more, and modern style contempocurtain curtains can save a lot of accessories.
The style of the curtains should depend on the style and the window, cause there are a lot of styles of the windows, the curtains also have different styles.

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